education system in india


 Education  system level in india has four ‘’tlevel : lower level ,upper primary level ,high and higher secondary level. 

In accent times . india has gugukula system of education in india in which who wished to study  went to teacher’s(guru)  house .and erquested to be taught .if accepted as a student by the teacher (guru), he would stay at the guru’s place and hele all activities at home .this not anly a strong tie between the students and teacher but also taught students  all things  running the house.the guru taught everything the child wanted to learn sanskrit  to the holy scriptures  and iuuujmathatices of tt7ik99mathology. Students stayed as long as he wished or until the guru left  that he had taught everything he culd teach.All learning was closely to nature and life not  confined to memorozing  some information .

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